Isabel Diaz Ayuso reaffirms her leadership, Iglesias quits politics

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Isabel Diaz Ayuso's PP has obtained an overwhelming victory in Madrid Community government elections thanks to the grouping of the right-wing vote due to the collapse of Ciudadanos, a result that is a clear warning to Pedro Sanchez's government, although the PSOE defends that it is still an election in an autonomous community.

Pablo Iglesias, former leader from Podemos who stepped down from Vicepresidency to try to lead the left voters, won only 10 representatives and resigned from political life. "I don't contribute to adding up for the left", he acknowledged on the night of 4 March.

The victory of the Popular Party in the elections in Madrid has spread throughout the map of the Community of Madrid, including the southern municipalities, staining the Socialist Party's voting ground, the classic 'red belt', to blue. The turnout in the south, with 99% of the vote counted, stood at 75.19%, 10 points higher than in 2019, when a turnout of 65.15% was recorded, a mobilization that has boosted the PP, contrary to the expectations of the left-wing parties.

PSOE candidate, Gabilondo, obtained 24 representatives as much as Mas Madrid, a split from Podemos, whose candidate Monica Garcia,surpassed PSOE in the number of votes. Asked whether what has happened in Madrid can be extrapolated to the rest of Spain and, especially, whether the results of Mas Madrid will give it wings at national level, Monica Garcia was very categorical: "Right now we are only looking at Madrid".

The actual president of the Community of Madrid and winner of the elections, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has not ruled out the possibility of becoming president of the Madrid PP, although she has said that she has not yet decided. "It is my home. I was born here politically. I have traveled practically all over the Community, all the seats, because I have always worked from the grassroots. Obviously, one does not deny one's home", he said in an interview on Onda Cero.

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