El rollo of Albert Royo

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The former secretary-general of Diplocat, Albert Royo, has been cut off. He is no longer this wizard of Catalan diplomacy in the world. From when Europe was watching us and the organization paid trips to Puigdemont and his court to promote independence. Now he looks distressed. He looks like a boy whose pet has died.
In recent days Albert Royo has been combining grief with persecutory delirium. At times he seems like one of those who believe he is being watched by satellites. He says he doesn't go to Barcelona because he feels he is being watched. That he has suffered a real raid. Royo describes it as "white terror", the terror that France experienced (1815) with the monarchist repression with assassinations and massacres. He says he is surprised that the Spanish state censors what he calls "public diplomacy". He says it as if they, the pro-independence supporters, had paid for it, but forgets that it is public because they did it with the money of all Catalans.
Poor Albert Royo! They didn't tell him that later he would have to pay accounts to the society that had financed him. And only for the noble task, according to him, of explaining to the world what was happening in Catalonia!
This whining victimhood has a very clear target. This thing they have called "The solidarity box". A thing that Royo's rollo has already gone round on several occasions. They should make him a debit card so that the man can avoid begging in a pitiful way. Something, of course, in the hands of all Catalans who are put on trial for stealing a tin of sardines in Mercadona.
Now he has just learned that the Court of Auditors is demanding another bail. This time for 4.5 million euros. But the coffers of this sympathetic, pro-ribbon fund-raising NGO are exhausted. That's why this week it has been passing the brush to the media with tears in his eyes.
According to the report of the Court of Auditors, it is accused of identifying the interests of Catalonia with the promotion of the personal political opinion of its leaders. Also paying numerous hand-picked contracts, embezzlement of funds, and a long etcetera. All this when in Catalonia, they said, there was not a penny more for health.
In any case, Royo was responsible for getting Europe to look at us for something other than making fools of us, and he did not succeed.
Europe passed over pro-independence Catalonia without getting a single support. And this unbelievable story remained, like many other things in the process, an expensive fantasy.
Royo, cut the crap.

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