Withdraw of the third-grade freedom regime to the imprisoned politicians

style="float: right; margin-bottom: 10px; font-weight: 600;"Tue 9th Mar, 2021

The penitentiary surveillance court number 5 of Catalonia has withdrawn the third penitentiary degree to the seven pro-independence prisoners of Lledoners, after the public prosecutor's office requested it. Initially, he did not suspend the semi-freedom, as requested by the Public Prosecutor's Office, but now, analyzing the merits of the matter, he has annulled it, and the prisoners will return to the second degree, the ordinary one, by which they will only be able to leave if they have specific permissions. The magistrate considers the third degree "premature", bearing in mind that none of them have served even a third of their sentence and have not accepted their actions as criminal.

According to the seven orders, almost identical to each other, the prosecution is right when it notes the "incompatibility between the third degree and the fulfillment of the purposes of the sentence". The magistrate recalls that the sentence must be aimed at social reintegration, but it is not the only objective, as the sentence must also serve to pay the debt to society and prevent future crimes.

Ph: Pablo Valerio in Pixabay

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