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The prospects of the labor market make Germany a very attractive place. At present, immigration to Germany continues to increase. For certain sectors it is particularly important to recruit people with a specific professional qualification. Especially in the professions of the health sector, engineering, IT, as well as in many other technical-industrial professions, the opportunities offered by the German labor market continue to increase.

Germany is a very attractive country for professionals received in the field of engineering, one of the most requested careers by German companies. For those who have a command of German or English and want to develop their career in Germany, it is an ideal time to look for a job opportunity.
Careers related to Engineering: Industrial, Electronics, IT Systems, Chemical, Civil Engineering, have an unsatisfied demand that seeks the most qualified minds to work in the big companies that produce and export to the whole world.

Some cities in Germany are particularly attractive to people from other countries. The big cities like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne and Frankfurt are more interesting for those looking for a new working horizon.

Nearly 11 million people out of Germany's total population have been born in other country. That makes the eighth part of the population immigrant. If we stick to the active population, the percentage is even higher, since one in seven, hasn´t been born in Germany. Nearly every fifth inhabitant comes from an environment related to immigration.

Also in many other cities of the west and the south of Germany the percentage of immigrants is quite high. In the East of Germany, however, lives relatively few people of working-age with foreign backgrounds.

Today immigrants occupy all kinds of positions imaginable within German industry: in the services sector, even in the administration or in the media. From simple employees to senior managers. In addition, they are often very enterprising, so the number of independent companies created by foreigners increases continuously. More than 700,000 people of immigrant origin own a company of their own, so they are an important economic factor.

In industry there are indeed vacancies and labor needs to cover, which are open to those who wish to establish themselves in Germany. The regions with the highest concentration of engineers are:
North Rhine-Westphalia

Precisely in the state of Baden-Württemberg within the framework of the Project with a scoring system aimed at qualified foreign professionals (PUMA) a limited number of professionally qualified persons from non-EU countries will have access to the German labor market. The project is only limited to the federal state Baden-Württemberg.
At the moment, the PUMA pilot project, which began in October 2016, is set for a period of three years and the number of foreign professionals is limited to 1000 participants per year, 3000 in total.

High income
Many of the board members and CEOs of German production companies are engineers. These bright prospects also have an impact on wages. Newly-recruited professionals who hold a higher technical qualification, for example with the technical specialty of construction or electrotechnology, receive an average annual income of between 36,000 and 45,000 euros. Over the years, income continues to increase, so that after ten years in a job, wages can be between 50,000 and 64,000 euros. In some specialties and holding a university degree, the average income even surpasses 70,000 euros.

In order to use the professional name "engineer / engineer" or "consulting engineer / consulting engineer" in Germany, you must apply for the validation of the foreign professional qualification with the corresponding German qualification. 

Speaking german would make everything easy, but if not, German language courses are prepared to welcome foreigners.

In Germany, the documentation required to apply for a job is usually composed of a cover letter and curriculum vitae.
Many applications, especially in large companies, are made through online forms. If you send the request by e-mail, it is advisable to integrate all the documentation in a single PDF document.

If you wish to apply for an Engineering job in Germany send an email to

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