Germany in the top three for electric vehicle sales in 2013

There are 52,729 electric vehicles on the roads of Europe. The top five nations on electric vehicle sales in 2013 are France, where an electric car is sold each hour on average, with 14,525, Norway with 10,551, and on third place Germany with 7,634 vehicles sold. Then comes the United Kingdom with 4,339 and the Netherlands with 2,512. Behind them Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Austria.

Electric vehicles manufacturers includes well established brands as BMW G model and the i3, Volkswagen, Reanult with the Fluence and Zoe models, Citroen CZero, Chevrolet with the Volt Plug-in-Hybrid and the Spark Ev, Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius Plug-in-Hybrid, Ford Focus Electric, Mitsubishi, and Honda with the Honda Fit EV, and the brand new player, Smart with the ForTwo.

Tesla Motors leads the pack on prize (US$ 69,900) with the Tesla Model S (60kwh), and the highest range of independent travel with 208 miles. In Norway, only in December 2013, 553 units of the Tesla S were sold. Then came Volkswagen Golf and the Toyota Auris. In the United States sales of hybrid and electric cars are increasing: in 2011, 17,735 plug-in vehicles were sold, and in 2013, 78,079. Hybrids sold in 2011 were 266,329; in 2013 there were sold 423,290 vehicles.
Meanwhile in China during 2013, 11,375 electric vehicles were sold. Chery QQ3 leads the sales pack in the car market there.

The consulting firm Navigant estimates that by the end of 2014 "more than 700,000 plug-in electric vehicles(PEV´s) will be driving on roads around the world.Automakers will introduce several dozen new PEV models, from small city cars to higher prized luxury vehicles- during the year, offering consumers unprecedented choice in emissions-free driving. The continued penetration of EV´s will affect the power grid and revenue streams for automakers, resulting in the emergence of new bussines models and first time relationships between new partners". "In both Canada and the United States, the market for plug-in electric vehicles is expanding rapidly as these vehicles become more widely available", says David Alexander, senior research analist with Navigant Research. "Overall, sales of PEV´s in North America are expected to expand at a significantly higher rate in the next 10 years than that of the general light duty vehicle market".

Sales for Ev´s will keep growing in 2014 to 86% from 2013 numbers, which will made the numbers of these cars circulating around the roads of the world reach 700,000, as pointed out by research from Navigant.

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