Majwala Meaud Major

Dr. Majwala Meaud Major is an Agronomist and the President of Sustainable World Initiative, East Africa- A Research and Public Policy Think Tank on Agronomics, Climate Change and Sustainable Development.
Role: Journalist, Politics
No. of articles: 14
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Credit: Wikipedia, Kallerna, Creative Commons

Do Animals Have Supernatural powers?

Credit: Wikipedia, Kallerna, Creative Commons In my book titled : "Exact Lies of Social Engineering - The Silent...

Researchers and HIV Santuaries Need Smart Innovations For AIDS Eradication

HIV/AIDS has had a devastating impact on the socio-economic growth of the world in the last three decades, leading to the...

Delivering Better Maternal Care to the World

Maternal mortality is a global problem and it needs a global solution, therefore a collective action is very vital and...
African healthcare in the spotlight

The Role of the Third Sector in Health Service Provision in Africa

The Structural Adjustment Programmes (SAPs) have been fully implemented in most African countries since 1987. They aimed...
Child mortality is improving in African nations

African Health Sector under stress

Africa has a variety of problems, fortunes and misfortunes but now the most pressing one that needs urgent attention and...
Mobiles good for banking?

Banking Without Boundaries

Almost two decades ago Bill Gates, one of the founders of Microsoft, famously dismissed retail banks as "dinosaurs"....
Millennium Development Goals beyond reach?

How to end poverty and food insecurity

Beyond the fact that it is next year (2015) for the grace period to elapse of the achievement of the Millennium...
The public-private sector partnership is instrumental in crafting cost-effective policies against climate change in Africa

Crafting cost-effective policies against climate change

The Earth's Climate is changing. There is now one-fifth more carbon in the atmosphere than there was in 2000 and there few...
Africa ready to play the Biotechnology gam

Is Africa fit to play the Biotechnology game?

A casual move around villages in Southern Tanzania, can enable one to see the misery of farmers complaining about seeds...