Maria Kodama received a mention in Argentina for her work at Jorge Luis Borges Foundation

Maria Kodama, widow of Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges, has been awarded with Mention Domingo Faustino Sarmiento by the Senate of Argentina.
The Foundation Jorge Luis Borges, that she founded on 1988 to take care of the legacy of the most important Argentine writer from the XX century, has developed a constant work promoting Borges literature around the world, as well as youth annual contests on haiku composition, concerts, seminars, and lectures.

From Japanese origins, but born in Argentine, Kodama devoted to Borges life at a very young age, being his eyes and link of contact with the world. They share their life together with love and joy, as well as they shared their love for literature.


Graciela Araóz, president of the Society of Writers from Argentine(SEA) spoke about the importance of the Mention and the writer Alina Diaconú, gave a warm an intimate speech about Kodama and her relationship with Borges.
Later Kodama gave a gratefull talk that ended with the farewell that she said to him while pondering about re encarnation: "That peace and love be with you Borges, till then".

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